- Kelly Francis

For the past three years I have been a (mostly) faithful member of the Alchemy team.  Panzy is amazing and literally has moved the dial for me.  As part of the over 50 club, I am stronger, more flexible and overall feel so much better!   Her knowledge, attention to detail and great attitude are what make her a fantastic trainer.   The new gym is fantastic and the fact that they continuously invest in new equipment and programmes for their clients is what keeps me coming back week after week, year after year.

Perfect Technique

- Lucy Beedie

“Want the best butt on the beach? Then you need Alchemy. They  know how to cater the workout just right for you and teach you about your body’s needs. You will learn to push yourself hard but also learn the perfect technique to maximise your efforts and reduce the chance of strain or injury. Everyone is different in their requirements of a workout, but everyone would see the benefit of working out! So sign up, “put your brain in your butt,” and have some fun!” 

Keeping us stronger

- John & Judy Gardner

"Thank you Panzy, so much, for making us strong, keeping us healthy, avoiding injury,  paying attention all the time, for being inspirational, fierce, lovely, caring, interesting and knowledgeable. This married couple appreciates how you have joyfully trained us to be in such better physical and mental condition."

Embracing a lifestyle

- Denice Repose

My journey at Alchemy has been very rewarding, by becoming stronger and feeling much healthier than ever before. The journey for me has been about embracing a lifestyle where you are making wise choices for your health.

Training often, providing your body the right amount of nutrition, challenging yourself to do new things and having the right support made it all possible for me. Panzy, James and Jeron are such amazing instructors, they truly care about their clients, always pushing you in the right directions, using their talents to make classes challenging and innovating. Helping you to get through those days when you are not feeling at your best with their positive and motivating attitudes. I tried many gyms before and no place is like Alchemy where you train in a very friendly and professional environment with people who value your hard work. I want to especially thanks Panzy who was so instrumental in my physical change, her expertise in fitness and nutrition have taught me so much not just about food but especially about my body nutritional needs. She continues to be an inspiration to me and I am so grateful for her and everybody at Alchemy. Health and fitness are not about the weight you lose but about the life you gain in the process of becoming a better version of yourself.

Did I mention that I'm 75?


-Christine Saul

I have been going to Alchemy Gym for about 5 years.  Panzy Olander has been my personal trainer for about 4 years.  I should mention that I am 75 years old.  I cannot believe that, at my age,  I continue to improve physically!  I am pushing more weights and improving both form and balance. 

A new lease on life

I first contacted Alchemy and Rupert with the sole objective of having more energy in the evening and not collapsing on the sofa after work.

Rupert put me together with Panzy Olander and I started seeing her twice a week. She has been fantastic on a number of levels:
Keeping an eye on my amateur form so I don’t hurt myself or lift too heavy. Most of the times in the (distant) past when I exercised I would wind up injuring something. With Panzy, there is a satisfying soreness the next day showing that you have done something but it is never debilitating.
Mixing up exercises, we always do different routines which keeps it fresh.
Panzy has such a sunny disposition that it is a pleasure coming to see her. She motivates without being scary and keeps track of my progress to keep it challenging (and it is challenging)
Now after several months, I have slimmed down and grown stronger, am eating better and have enough energy in the evening now to exercise several days a week. I really enjoy the process and the results with Panzy and can’t recommend her enough.

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